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Revitalizing Your Travel, the Cintron Way

Revitalizing Your Travel, the Cintron Way

Ready to level up your travel experience? Cintron World has just launched two new Revitalizer Shots to enhance your mind and body while you’re on the go; Intelligent Energy for increased energy and alertness, and Restore Vitality for immunity boost and rejuvenation.

Taking to the sky doesn’t mean your energy has to stay grounded. Supporting your dreams means supporting your mind and body too. The Intelligent Energy and Restore Vitality Revitalizers were made with the intention to keep you energized, motivated, and inspired as you take on the world.  Soar to new heights as you replenish your vibes with these two perfect travel companions.

Inspiration On-The-Go

Flying to your next business meeting or event is no time to take a nap. Whether you need to put the finishing touches on your presentation or stay sharp while you review all the details before closing a big deal, warding off “travel brain” can be a struggle. Our Intelligent Energy Revitalizer was crafted as the perfect travel companion to rid you of mental fatigue and allow your creative energy to flow. The natural flavoring ingredients are highlighted by a well-balanced, fruity taste that makes it a beverage worthy of first-class. Combining the stimulating green tea leaf extract with guarana extract and ginseng flavoring, Intelligent Energy will empower you to stay effective and at the top of your game no matter how you travel.

The inspiration you need while traveling isn’t always mental, but physical too. Racking up all those frequent flyer miles can take a toll on your body, leaving you feeling drained and low energy. We included Restore Vitality in our lineup of Revitalizer Shots to meet the demand of every entrepreneur, athlete, and go-getter when you’re beginning to run out of steam.  Designed to uplift all weary travelers, this sweet and spicy Revitalizer is filled with Vitamin C, Vitamin B-12, essential minerals and turmeric root extract. Not only will your body feel revived by these vital ingredients but also refreshed with the natural pineapple flavoring. Restore Vitality Revitalizer will empower you to maintain your health and be refreshed from the comfort of your seat while you travel.

Your Must Have Carry-Ons

Adding Intelligent Energy and Restore Vitality Revitalizer Shots to your busy lifestyle is made simple thanks to the fashionably compact bottle design. The bottles can fit comfortably into the sides of your carry-on bag, purse, or pocket so that they are always within reach when you need a boost.  Each bottle is sized for convenience and fits perfectly on plane tray tables or stored away easily as needed. As healthy, upscale alternatives to your traditional in-flight beverages, Cintron Revitalizers will transform your travel experience into inspired moments that leave you looking good and feeling great.

Gearing up for your next trip? Before you check your bags, be sure to check out the newest additions to our Revitalizers product lines and order yours here.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Do not take if you are pregnant or nursing. Not recommended for children. If you are taking medication or have a medical condition, consult your doctor before use.

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