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From House Parties to Ball Rooms: What to Wear this New Year’s Eve

From House Parties to Ball Rooms: What to Wear this New Year’s Eve

It’s almost time to give 2021 a fantastic sendoff, and we’re here to help you get hyped for the occasion. Whether you’re dancing your way into the New Year or having an upscale experience at a classy gala, our Cintron New Year’s Eve style guide has something to match your personality.


The White Tie Affair

  1. Keeping it classic. – If understated elegance is your style, this off-the-shoulder sweater dress is a must. While not a true white, this cream-colored outfit is sure to make a statement.
  1. Stun on a budget. – There’s nothing basic about this dazzling white tie look. Show off your shine against the dark New Year’s Eve night in this stunning, budget friendly asymmetrical sequin dress from Rent the Runway.
  1. Boots for a midnight mood.Gorgeously simple, these high-heeled black beauties are a no-brainer to accent your New Year’s Eve look.
  1. A striking stride. – What better way to make an entrance than with the contrast of sleek, black leather boots against a white dress. These over-the-knee boots are sure to draw looks of envy.
  1. Make a statement. – Let this velvet and gold-tone Chanel bag do all the talking for you when you compliment your dress with this symbol of luxury.
  1. Crossbody classic. – Keep it simple and classy with this bold black wallet bag, a sure way to obtain an upscale look without breaking the bank.


The Gala Partier

  1. The New Year’s bow. – We love Rent the Runway because they make luxurious looks affordable for everyone, and this velvet bow dress is no exception. Wow the room with this beauty that works for all body types.
  1. Green with envy. – Turn heads when you walk in wearing this sexy green number. This velvet wrap dress hits in all the right places and will have everyone wanting to imitate your look. 
  1. New Year’s royalty. – All you’ll be missing is a crown to go with this regal velvet gown. The floor length, capped shoulder look is sure to bring out the queen in you for a truly noble evening.
  1. Sparkling booties. – Glam up your look with these glitzy ankle boots, which perfectly pair with either of the short velvet dresses.
  1. Dazzling stilettos. – Elegance meets trendy with these champagne stilettos that are perfectly designed for a truly magical New Year’s Eve gala.
  1. Leather soled luxury. – Enhance the look of your legs while enjoying the comfort of these luxurious leather lined pumps. Gorgeously covered in champagne glitter to add to your New Year's Eve glow up.



The Late-Night Entrepreneur Style

  1. Champagne joggers. – Steal the show with these sequin joggers from Rent the Runway.
  1. Shimmering party pants. – Let everyone know you’re ready to party with these champagne sequin pants that are sure to turn heads.
  1. Turtleneck for all. – Layer with confidence with a micro-rib turtleneck from Prima. Cute enough to wear on its own or under a jacket to complete your look.
  1. Night and day bodysuit. – No change necessary with this turtleneck bodysuit that perfectly pairs with any joggers, or even your favorite pair of jeans.
  1. Clutch style. – Look functional and trendy with this crossbody clutch from Knott.
  1. Better with leather. – Take your night out to the next level with this stunning leather clutch.
  1. Little white pumps. – From your home office to the club, these white pumps from Mark Fisher will keep you looking great and partying all night long
  1. Bold & classic. – Nothing says fashion forward better than these leather pumps from Christian Louboutin.


The Boardroom to The Dance Floor Look

  1. Casually trendy. – Casual yet stylish, this linen blazer dress is versatile enough to wear on its own or paired with your favorite pair of leggings. Shaped to flatter, you will stun in any setting.
  1. Glitz all night. – Rose gold sequins, V-neck and long sleeves; what’s not to love? This blazer dress from Rent the Runway brings the glitz and glam you need to shine from dusk to dawn.
  1. Your new black dress. – Put a twist on the little black dress look with this black velvet blazer dress, for the professional who knows how to party.
  1. Quiet beauty. – There is something beautifully understated about these white boots by Steve Madden, but they were made for walking on New Year’s Eve.
  1. Treat yourself heels. – Ring in the New Year right with these lavish bone white-heeled boots that will have all eyes on you.
  1. A clutch to hold on to. – This clutch is an easy choice to complete a New Year’s outfit but will go especially nice with the white-heeled boots.


Must-Have New Year’s Eve Accessories

Before you begin your New Year’s festivities, don’t forget the most important accessories to keep you going; Cintron energy beverages.

Stay Hyped with Classic Sugar-Free

Don’t head out on New Year’s Eve without the great taste of our Cintron Classic Sugar-Free energy drink.  As you adorn yourself with the perfect holiday outfit, provide your body with a taste of perfection too by enriching your whole system with long lasting energy and essential vitamin-B complex. Boasting only 10 calories,  Cintron Classic Sugar-Free will help keep your good vibes elevated far past midnight.

Recover with a Cintron Revitalizer

After the night is over and you’re rejuvenating your skin with that hydra boost moisturizer, replenish your body with Cintron Revitalizer Shot, Restore Vitality. The coconut water base is embellished with high-quality turmeric and vitamin C, a sure-fire way to help you start the New Year right.

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