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Cintron Meijer Sampling

Metro Detroit Meijer Sampling Locations

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Tart, sweet, and sparkling, Cintron Cranberry is a perfectly balanced beverage. With a fruity aroma and mild cranberry flavor, it’s delightful on its own or mixed into a cocktail.

Classic Sugar-Free

Fewer calories, same delicious taste. Cintron Classic Sugar-Free features our signature citrus flavor without the sugar. It’s crisp, bubbly, light, and perfect for mixing into drinks or enjoying on its own. With only 10 calories, you can treat yourself to a Cintron Classic Sugar-Free anytime you want to elevate your energy and your vibe.


Timeless taste that won't let you down. Cintron Classic is a unique blend of citrus flavors with just the right amount of sweetness. It’s a refreshing, sparkling beverage you can drink alone or mixed into mocktails and cocktails.