Freedom Yoga and How One Woman Turned Suffering into Success

July 26, 2018

Freedom Yoga and How One Woman Turned Suffering into Success

Next up in our Successful Young Women Entrepreneurs article series is Toni Dussex.

After suffering from PTSD following her husband's unexpected death in 2003, Dussex finally found peace of mind through yoga. In this article by News Journal, Dussex tells her story of years of medications and therapy while fighting PTSD and depression.

After being fed up with how she felt on a daily basis, she began conducting research on alternative treatments of PTSD, and found yoga as an incredibly successful option. 

Today, Dussex is teaching her incredibly successful experience with solving her PTSD combined with an entrepreneurial spirit to find great success in her new business, Freedom Yoga. 

“When I was diagnosed with PTSD, I thought I was always going to have PTSD. I went years without doing anything,” Dussex said. “I didn’t think that was anything that anyone could ever overcome or heal from. I love showing people that we don’t have to have that, that there are alternative treatments for those things.”

Dussex teaches different yoga styles, including vinyasa, restorative, gentle, specialty yoga for people with disabilities, and even private classes for any client. Her services are becoming so popular that Dussex has made plans to move into a large facility that is currently under construction.

Be sure to read Dussex's story and see what it took for her to, as she says, find her calling.