There's a Growing Business Trend That Could Benefit Working Mothers

August 02, 2018

There's a Growing Business Trend That Could Benefit Working Mothers

An interesting article was recently posted by CNN Money, and Julia Carpenter does a tremendous job diving into the complications women have advancing in the workplace, and how it is avoidable in 2018.

Carpenter labels the 9-to-5 workday a "relic of the past" as non-traditional, flexible work schedules and unlimited paid-time off are becoming more popular around the country.

Strict work schedules and environments are more difficult to manage with a family at home. According to Carpenter, with women often undertaking primary caregiver duties, the remote working setup - which is becoming more and more common in the workplace - is a tremendous opportunity for working mothers to find success and advancement in business. 

The problem is Corporate America's acceptance of such policies. As Annie Dean, the co-founder of Werk, a flexibility data and insights company, states in the article:

"Too often, workplaces approach flexibility as an "accommodation" — a special exception made for a working mother or someone with other demands on their schedule. When you paint this kind of arrangement as a "favor," it only enhances what sociologists have dubbed the "flexibility stigma," or the idea that those who work outside the traditional norms of 9-to-5, desk-bound offices are somehow not as committed or not as good at their jobs. "

So, what do you think? Could you benefit from more flexibility in your work schedule? And would it be accepted at your workplace?