Pravda Vodka Cocktails With a Splash of Cintron (blog of And Lollipops, now Clouds Drummond)

July 31, 2017

Pravda Vodka Cocktails With a Splash of Cintron (blog of And Lollipops, now Clouds Drummond)

A while back I was gifted a bottle of premium Pravda vodka along with a generous stash of Cintron energy drinks.

I met Cintron at the Pink Polo last year and we’ve stayed in contact ever since (Read my review HERE) but the vodka, being new in my life, prompted some research.

Pravda is a Polish spirit with an illustrious history dating back to 1763. Initially reserved for nobility, this ultra luxe, 5-times distilled, 80% proof vodka is now available the world over at premium level.

My plan for these drinks was to recreate a chic Sex and the City set a’ la Carrie Bradshaw. The scene where she’s writing a killer column perched at a chic table in a New York apartment overlooking Central Park wearing sexy lingerie, curlers in her hair and the perfect red lippie.Sadly, my post-Christmas negligee’d body currently says moreoh em gee than ooh la la, as does my ground floor flat in the ‘burbs. (hash tag no view).Enter plan B.Thanks to my sister’s new home and a sunny Saturday afternoon, I got to try my hand at a chic product shoot. My styling needs some attention. I mean, I have the bottle in every shot instead of maybe some lemons or a hot topless barman buthey, the fresh sorbet coloured drinks are so summery, you may forgive me for lack of props.Recipe-wise, life could not be easier; one shot of Pradva vodka, a few ice cubes topped with your favourite flavoured Cintron. All the best things in life are this simple.For the smoothest spirit around, Pradva vodka is available at Makro; Cintron from in Norman Goodfellows.Thank you Marina Nestel from The Little Black Book for my lazy Saturday afternoon in the sunlove & light
Clouds xxx