Pose.ZA : New Year with Cintron

July 31, 2017

Pose.ZA : New Year with Cintron

I first heard of Cintron Energy drink when I got an invite to the Cintron Pink Polo match last year. As per norm, I always research about the brand that invites me to their event in-order to get an understanding of event and the brand behind. Cintron is more than just any energy drink, it is a lifestyle. Pose.ZA is all about lifestyle, appreciating the finer thins in life. Now, Cintron is a brand that appreciates luxury, quality, good tasting and fashionable fun. Cintron hosts polo events in the most fabulous locations, in the most premium venues and with the most beautiful people around the world. Both the Cintron and Polo Lifestyle are an embodiment of high-class and high-energy. Cintron partakes in prestigious polo events with its tantalizing flavours, premium energy, and fabulous style.

As the year was ending, Cintron sent me a Christmas/New year gift of all their flavoured energy drinks with a bottle of Pravda vodka. Their premium drink is chic, with a design that eludes sophistication with a bit of sassy. So at the Cintron Polo match I as drinking cocktails most of the afternoon, specifically Mojito's which consisted of vodka mixed with the Original Cintron energy drinks which tastes superb. I was so excited when I received the gift as it meant that I could experiment more and make my own cocktails. I decided to keep the gift and use it on New Years eve as we celebrated with a couple of friends over a chill-in at one of my friends place. As difficult as it was to decide which of the flavours to go with as they all taste delicious. You have the Cintron original, cranberry, pineapple and mango flavours. The premium quality is due to the fact that Cintron Premium Energy is crafted from natural ingredients, real fruit juice, natural mineral water, contains no artificial colouring or chemical preservatives and it is Halal Certified. Cintron’s premium ingredients deliver nice long-lasting energy to get its consumers through beautiful days watching polo and fun nights at the after-party! I decided to go classic for the night and take my vodka with the Cintron Cranberry energy drink.

At the moment South Africa Cintron is exclusively available at Norman Goodfellows stores and online: www.ngf.co.za You can also contatc them at +27 214612218 / +27 823769288 and follow them on social media to keep up to date Cintron Premium Energy Drink on Facebook @ Cintronworld on Instagram Cintron Premium Energy Drink on Twitter twitter.com/CintronSA