Life Lessons from Seven Successful Female Entrepreneurs

October 22, 2018

Life Lessons from Seven Successful Female Entrepreneurs

What does it really take for women to succeed in starting and running their own business? Well, in this practical article from The Network from Women in Business, they highlight seven important lessons from which any woman starting a new business can benefit. 

Here's our summary:

  1. Age doesn't matter - Did you know 21-year-old Kylie Jenner is almost a Billionaire. This comes from her cosmetics line and according to one list of top-earning celebrities, her net worth of almost $1 billion is just about 3 times that of her sister Kim Kardashian West. Much of her success came from leveraging the social media app Snap Chat. 
  2. Follow your passion 
  3. Failures are steps on the journey to success
  4. You can't control what happens to you but you can control your response
  5. You need a team because you can't succeed alone
  6. A good partner will help you reach your goals faster 
  7. Never give up. To keep trying is to continue growing

What important lessons have you learned that you would add to this list?