Another Inspiring Young Women Entrepreneurial Success Story

July 10, 2018

Another Inspiring Young Women Entrepreneurial Success Story

Maybe you wouldn't imagine that a young woman could be successful in a traditionally male-dominated business like craft beer. If so, it's time to expand your imagination. 

This is exactly what Native American Shyla Sheppard, is doing. In many ways, she stepped way outside her comfort zone and in doing so found the courage to break down walls as a woman entrepreneur.

Sheppard’s vision in creating her business was to celebrate the land by creating beers that reflect the southwest. Her head brewer brings experience in barrel sour beer production and a culinary background. Using locally foraged ingredients, such as sumac berries, he crafted Bow & Arrow’s kettle sour lineup.

As this Forbes article points out, Sheppard has built a sustainable business model with Bow & Arrow. All the beer production is done onsite and they have taproom and a distributors license. Bow & Arrow can sell directly to consumers, through local restaurants, bars, hotels as well as through Whole Foods, Total Wine & More — a wine and beer superstore — and highly regarded local bottle shops.

Sheppard invested her own money and so did her family. When she went to business associates to get feedback on her pitch deck, she received not just a thumbs up on her presentation but investments. She even secured an SBA guaranteed loan from a bank.

Shyla and others in her generation of young women are finding the courage and strength to continue pushing boundaries in business.

We're confident we'll continue to hear more success stories like Shyla's - and Debra Perelman's rise to Revlon's CEO - and that these achievements encourage young women to be bold in business and continue breaking through ceilings!