Four Tips for Business Success from a Woman Who Knows

August 15, 2018

Four Tips for Business Success from a Woman Who Knows

Business consultant and accomplish blogger Sarah Daren recently shared her "4 Tips for Business Success" as a woman in the business world, and we wanted to make sure to pass along these valuable pieces of advice along to our followers!

For a long time now, there has been a loud call for changes in the modern business climate. While women have made great strides in recent history, there's still a significant gap between genders in the workforce. Women often feel that they must work harder than men to reach the same career goals. Whether pushing for executive jobs, reaching salary goals, or starting a business, men get a headstart over women.

The good news is that women are surpassing these challenges and striving for excellence in the business world. More women are aspiring to find their entrepreneurial spirit, and women entrepreneurs are seeing more success than ever. Daren sites an incredibly encouraging statistic: "The number of female-owned enterprises in the United States grew by 150% between 1997 and 2014." That's an encouraging start!

Daren finishes her article by giving her four ingredients to finding success as a woman entrepreneur, or any woman striving to meet business goals:

1. Know You Are Not Alone
2. Understand Your Data
3. Be Fearless
4. Decrease Your Risk
Be sure to take a look at why Sarah Daren considers these four tips to be the key to finding success as a businesswoman and let us know what you think!