Ambassador Magazine Features the Cintron World Brand: DRINK IT, LIVE IT.

January 11, 2017

Ambassador Magazine Features the Cintron World Brand: DRINK IT, LIVE IT.

Victor Edozien, successful entrepreneur and Executive Director of Cintron World recognized and is now filling a gap in the beverage industry as a healthy, non-alcoholic option with an aspirational luxury lifestyle, but he wanted to do more than create a company. He wanted to build a brand that spans cultures and exudes positivity.

“My goal is to build businesses and wealth that create change, give back to communities and make a positive impact on peoples’ lives,” Edozien said.

Cintron’s mission is to provide the global citizen with premium beverages that enhance their lifestyle by energizing, reviving, refreshing and hydrating not only their body, but their mind as well, wherever they choose to live work and play. With its exciting flavor and taste, the Cintron product portfolio of Cintron Envo Purified PH Water, Cintron Revitalizer and Cintron flavored energy beverage stimulates with healthy, natural ingredients and inspires with the style and sophistication of its product design and packaging. The beverages encourage consumers to look good and feel great while living a fashionable, productive and healthy lifestyle, enabling them to excel through busy days and stay refreshed through fun nights.

“I have a great appreciation for our beautiful diverse world,” said Chelsea Brehm, Director of Business Development and Marketing at Cintron World. “I’m very passionate about encouraging people to achieve their dreams and look good and feel great while living a life they love!”

Edozien and Brehm embody the core essence of Cintron, which they emphasize is about more than premium beverages.

“Our brand is a lifestyle of ambition, sophistication and exceptional taste, but it’s also a culture of giving back to make the world a better place to accomplish our dreams,” said Brehm.

Cintron hosts fashion, music, polo and art events in the most incredible locations and venues around the world, all to support great causes that are important to the communities they visit. The company sponsors an annual charity polo event in South Africa called “Cintron Pink Polo” with the goal of supporting and increasing awareness for breast cancer, as well as making impactful donations to local breast cancer organizations. Here in Detroit, Cintron supports art exhibits and makes contributions to up-and-coming artists, including Ackeem Salmon, a young, talented and entrepreneurial artist, who currently attends the College of Creative Studies, one of the top design schools in the country.

Using a robust digital strategy, spearheaded by Digital Marketing Manager, Kevin Bell II, Cintron has built a community of likeminded people who appreciate the good things in life like art, music and fashion, especially when it comes to their own health and well being. As such, Cintron has become a lifestyle choice reflective of someone who has embraced a life of creative passions, boundless ambitions and transformative experiences, and our community has a culture of embracing their passions and following their dreams, all while making a positive impact on the world. For more information visit